DAVIES, GWYNNE HENTON (1906-1998), Old Testament scholar

Name: Gwynne Henton Davies
Date of birth: 1906
Date of death: 1998
Spouse: Annie Bronwen Davies (née Williams)
Child: Edith Elaine Henton Davies
Child: Yona Wynfron Henton Davies
Parent: Edith Davies (née Henton)
Parent: John Davies
Gender: Male
Occupation: Old Testament scholar
Area of activity: Scholarship and Languages
Author: D. Hugh Matthews

Gwynne Henton Davies was born in Aberdare, Glamorgan, in 1906. He was the son of John Davies and Edith Henton. His father's family had moved to the Valleys in search of work from the Vale of Glamorgan, and his mother came from a family of rural tailors in Pembrokeshire. His parents had married in 1904 and Gwynne was born in 1906, his brother, John Mansel, being born five years later. He was educated in the local primary school in Aberdare from where he gained a scholarship to Aberdare Grammar School. The family were members in Calfaria Welsh Baptist Church in the town, and it was there that he was baptised at the age of seventeen. He succeeded in his matriculation examinations in Aberdare at the age of sixteen but was sent away by his parents to Perse School in Cambridge, a private school that specialised in teaching the Classics. While there, he developed an interest in studying Hebrew. At the end of his school course he was offered a place to study Philosophy in Queen's College, Cambridge, but because his father had committed himself as guarantor of relative who had been declared bankrupt, he was forced to abandon the opportunity to study in Cambridge. He returned home to Wales and in 1924 he was admitted as a Philosophy undergraduate to the University College in Cardiff. A year later, he was accepted in the Baptist College in Cardiff and changed his main University subject to Hebrew. He was awarded a first-class honours B.A. in Hebrew and Syriac, and was awarded a Master's degree with distinction in 1928 for a thesis entitled 'Origin and Development of the Idea of Theocracy in Israel'. He began work on a University of Wales postgraduate B.D. but in 1931 was awarded scholarships by the Dr Williams Trust and the Baptist Union of Great Britain to undertake an Oxford B.Litt. degree. The degree was awarded in 1933 for a thesis entitled 'The Covenant in the Old Testament'. He went to Germany to study in Marburg for a time under Karl Budde and Rudolph Bultmann, but returned to Wales to complete his B.D. in 1935 gaining a distinction in Church History.

He married Annie Bronwen Williams from Cardiff in Woodville Road chapel, Cardiff, in September 1935. Two daughters were born to them: Yona Wynfron Henton and Edith Elaine Henton.

From 1935 to 1938, he was minister of West End Baptist church in Hammersmith, London, before becoming the Hebrew and Old Testament tutor in Bristol Baptist College (1938-51). In 1951 he was appointed the first professor in a newly established Department of Old Testament Studies in Durham University. There he remained until 1958 when he was elected Principal of Regent's Park College in Oxford. In the same year, Glasgow University awarded him an honorary D.D., while Oxford University bestowed an M.A. on him in order that he could teach students there. Stetson University in Florida, awarded him an honorary D.D. in 1965. When he went to Regent's Park, the College had only recently been recognised as a Permanent Private Hall of Residence by Oxford University and during his years as Principal, the College was opened to non-ministerial students and site was enlarged and developed in the form of a quadrangle.

Throughout the years, Gwynne Henton Davies had been an active member of The Society for Old Testament Study, contributing several articles to its journal after 1946 and being honoured with the presidency of the Society in 1966. Another honour that he was awarded was the presidency of the Baptist Union of Great Britain (1971-2).

In 1970 S.C.M. published a Festschrift edited by John I. Durham and J. R. Porter entitled Proclamation and Presence: Old Testament Essays in honour of Gwynne Henton Davies. The book was also published in America by Knox Press, Virginia. Mercer University Press published a revised version in 1983.

Gwynne Henton Davies remained principal of Regent's Park until his retirement in 1972, when he and his wife retired to his mother's home county and made their home in a cottage in Broad Haven. He continued to travel abroad, preaching and lecturing. This continued after the death of his wife in January 1992 and he was on his thirty second visit to America when he died in Charlotte, North Carolina, on 22 October 1998. He was cremated two days later in Charlotte and his ashes were returned to Wales to be scattered in Headlands, Broad Haven, on 4 November 1998.

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Published date: 2009-08-14

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