THOMAS, NICHOLAS (died 1741), printer and publisher, Carmarthen (and Hereford).

Name: Nicholas Thomas
Date of death: 1741
Spouse: Margaret Thomas (née Roderick)
Spouse: Margaret Thomas (née Evans)
Gender: Male
Occupation: printer and publisher
Place: Carmarthen Hereford
Area of activity: Printing and Publishing
Author: William Llewelyn Davies

In 1714 John Rogers printed at Shrewsbury, Dirgelwch …, sef Llyfr y Tri Aderyn, by Morgan Lloyd (Morgan Llwyd o Wynedd) for Nicholas Thomas and Lewis Thomas, the latter a travelling bookseller, of Llangrannog, Cardiganshire A little later, viz. in 1718, Nicholas Thomas was himself at Shrewsbury learning the craft of printing either at the office of John Rogers or that of John Rhydderch; a year earlier, a ballad written by him (Newyddion Da i'r Dynjon Gwaitha) had been printed at Hereford by Willoughby Smith. Nicholas Thomas was one of a group of persons, mainly from the Newcastle Emlyn district, who were anxious to arrange for the printing and dissemination of Welsh books; that was the reason why he (with others) induced Isaac Carter to set up as a printer at Trehedyn, Newcastle Emlyn, gave him his patronage in 1718 and for a time afterwards — that is, at the start of the venture. He set up his own press at Carmarthen in 1721 — the first in that town; for the titles of some of the productions of his press see Ifano Jones, Hist. of Printing and Printers in Wales. One John Williams was in partnership with him for a time; e.g. when they jointly printed (at the end of 1733) John Rhydderch's Welsh Almanack for 1734.

Nicholas Thomas was printing at Hereford in 1734 and 1735; here, however, he worked for Simon Thomas. Athrawiaethau Difinyddawl was printed at Hereford, for Simon Thomas, in 1734; Histori yr Heretic Pelagius, a work by Simon Thomas, was printed in 1735, probably by Nicholas Thomas at Hereford. There is no record of any printing by Nicholas Thomas at Carmarthen during the years 1734 and 1735. It is known however, that he was back in Carmarthen by 1739; Ifano Jones (op. cit.) suggests that by that time he had completed the initiation of Simon Thomas into the craft of printing. He was printing at Carmarthen in 1740 also.

He married (1) 1720, Margaret Evans, at Cenarth; (2) 11 May 1731, Margaret Roderick, Llansadwrn. He was buried in the churchyard of S. Peter's, Carmarthen, 30 June 1741.


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