ROGERS, JOHN (died 1738), bookseller and printer at Shrewsbury;

Name: John Rogers
Date of death: 1738
Parent: Gabriel Rogers
Parent: Reynold Rogers
Gender: Male
Occupation: bookseller and printer
Place: Shrewsbury
Area of activity: Business and Industry; Printing and Publishing
Author: William Llewelyn Davies

son of Reynold Rogers, grocer, London, and possibly a nephew of Gabriel Rogers (died 1705), to whose bookselling business at Shrewsbury John Rogers may have succeeded. He began to print c. 1706, and it is possible that his first book was A Sermon preach'd at the Funeral of … James Owen, Minister of the Gospel in Shrewsbury. April the 11th, 1706. By Matthew Henry, 1706? In 1707 he printed two Welsh books: Egwyddorion y Grefydd Gristianogawl and Godidawgrwydd Rhinwedd, and in 1708 he printed for the Company of Stationers, London, an almanack (for 1709) called Cennad oddiwrth y Ser …, and, in 1714, Dirgelwch …, Morgan Llwyd o Wynedd's best-known work. J. H. Davies (Bibliog. of Welsh Ballads) records only one Welsh ballad as printed by Rogers. Rogers continued to print until 1729, if not later. Nicholas Thomas was apprenticed either to John Rogers or to John Roderick (Siôn Rhydderch). One John Rogers, a bookseller, was buried 9 May 1738. Fuller details are given in the works listed below.


Published date: 1959

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