ROBERTS, MICHAEL (1780 - 1849), Calvinistic Methodist minister

Name: Michael Roberts
Date of birth: 1780
Date of death: 1849
Parent: Roberts
Parent: John Roberts
Gender: Male
Occupation: Calvinistic Methodist minister
Area of activity: Religion
Author: Richard Thomas

son of the Rev. John Roberts (1753 - 1834). Born at Llanllyfni, Caernarfonshire. From 1802 on he lived at Pwllheli, where he kept a school. He began to preach in 1798 and was ordained in 1814. Like his uncle, Robert Roberts of Clynnog (1762 - 1802), he was physically frail but, also like him, he was one of the outstanding preachers of his time. He had a powerful intellect and his method of preaching, especially at times, was electrifying. He is credited with having converted a thousand people at the Llanidloes Association (1810). His mental break-down, which lasted for twelve years (1836-48), was a source of grief and loss to the entire nation. Unfortunately, he only recovered for a few months. He died 29 January 1849 at the age of 68.


Published date: 1959

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