RHYS NANMOR (fl. 1480-1513), poet), a native of Merioneth (though Nanmor is now in Caernarvonshire.

Name: Rhys Nanmor
Parent: Nest ferch Owen ab Ierwerth
Parent: Maredudd ab Ieuan ab Dafydd Tudur
Gender: Male
Occupation: poet
Place: Merioneth Nanmor
Area of activity: Poetry
Author: Mary Gwendoline Ellis

His genealogy is found in Pen. MS. 268 (585), and Dwnn, ii, 284; there he is described as a ‘penkerdd,’ i.e. a member of the highest order of bards, and ‘ab Maredudd ab Ieuan ab Dafydd Tudur,’ etc. Rhys's mother was Nest, daughter of Owen ap Ierwerth. He is said to have been a pupil of Dafydd Nanmor, but there is no evidence that they were related. He was primarily a ‘family poet’ to Sir Rhys ap Thomas, and wrote in his honour between 1485 and 1513. There is no evidence of any composition of his after 1513. He wrote an elegy on prince Arthur, the eldest son of Henry VII, in 1502, and an awdl to welcome Henry VIII to the throne in 1509. Lewis Môn (died 1527) wrote an elegy on him. It is said that Rhys Nanmor lived at Maenor Fynyw, that is, S. Davids. There is no record of his living in North Wales.


Published date: 1959

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