PARK (or PARKES), JAMES (1636 - 1696), Quaker

Name: James Park
Date of birth: 1636
Date of death: 1696
Gender: Male
Occupation: Quaker
Area of activity: Religion
Author: Robert Thomas Jenkins

he was possibly born in the Welshpool or Wrexham district or at least lived there for a period, and was one of the Independents of the one or the other - more probably Wrexham. He became a Quaker, and itinerated for the Friends here and abroad. He visited Wales in March 1662/3, and on 9 March (at Wrexham) wrote A Lamentation and Warning … to all the Professors in North Wales, especially to those about Wrexham … and Welsh-Pool, … whom formerly I have known and walked with in a fellowship and worship - an appeal to his Nonconformist friends to ' seek the light.' This work does not appear in the list of his (seventeen) works, and he never published it; but he left a copy of it at Cloddiau Cochion, and Richard Davies (1635 - 1708) incorporated it in his own autobiography. Park died at Southwark, 11 or 12 November 1696, aged 60. The D.N.B. has an article on him, with a list of his works.


Published date: 1959

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