DAVIES, RICHARD (1635 - 1708), Quaker

Name: Richard Davies
Date of birth: 1635
Date of death: 1708
Gender: Male
Occupation: Quaker
Area of activity: Religion
Author: Thomas Mardy Rees

of Cloddiau Cochion, Montgomeryshire; born at Welshpool of parents who had a small estate there, he was brought up in a little learning, and in the religion and discipline of the Church of England. At the age of about 12 or 13 he became attached to the Independents, attracted especially by Vavasor Powell; in 1657 he became a Quaker, being the first of the new sect in those parts. His autobiography, entitled An account of the convincement, exercises, services and travels of that ancient servant of the Lord Richard Davies has been called a Welsh Quaker classic and has gone through at least seven editions. Richard Davies kept open house at Cloddiau Cochion, Welshpool, for Friends, and although he suffered imprisonment and fines yet he was not embittered. As minister of the gospel he travelled in Wales and England. John ap John, Charles Lloyd, Dolobran, and his brother Thomas Lloyd (see the article Lloyd of Dolobran) and other leading Friends accompanied him in journeys to Merioneth and the counties of South Wales. His marriage took place in 1657 at Horsleydown, Southwark. He died 22 January 1707/8 and was interred in the Friends’ burial ground at Cloddiau Cochion.


Published date: 1959

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