MORRIS, WILLIAM (c. 1816? - 1886), printer and publisher of books and periodicals of Anglican interest

Name: William Morris
Date of birth: c. 1816?
Date of death: 1886
Child: W. Morris
Child: Rupert Hugh Morris
Gender: Male
Occupation: printer and publisher of books and periodicals of Anglican interest
Area of activity: Printing and Publishing; Religion
Author: David Myrddin Lloyd

According to the 1851 Census he lived at 47 High Street, Holywell, and he describes himself as a bookseller aged 35 employing six workers.

He published Yr Eglwysydd at Holywell from its first appearance in 1847, and continued to publish this monthly journal at Denbigh after 1860. He also acted as publisher of Y Cymro, a Church and Conservative weekly paper, in both these towns, and he wrote much of the contents of these publications. He was also a bookseller, and a fluent public speaker in both languages. At Denbigh, where he resided after 1860, he became a member of the town council, a justice of the peace, and postmaster, in addition to his activities as printer, publisher, and bookseller.

He was twice married, and had three sons and one daughter. His eldest son was canon W. Morris, chaplain to the duke of Westminster at Eaton Hall Cheshire, his second son Rupert Hugh Morris, edited Archæologia Cambrensis, and another of his sons was headmaster of a grammar school in the midlands of England.

William Morris died, after a long illness, on 8 October 1886, at his home, ‘Gwilymfod,’ and was buried in Whitchurch churchyard, Denbigh. O.P.C.S. index to deaths reported October-December 1886 lists William Morris aged 74 of the Superintendent Registrar's District of St. Asaph. It is inaccurately stated in the Baner that he had lived forty years in Denbigh. The Baner also states that he was 85 years old when he died. According to Bye-Gones he was 74.


Published date: 1959

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