MORRIS, RUPERT HUGH (1843 - 1918), cleric and antiquary

Name: Rupert Hugh Morris
Date of birth: 1843
Date of death: 1918
Parent: William Morris
Gender: Male
Occupation: cleric and antiquary
Area of activity: History and Culture; Religion
Author: Robert Thomas Jenkins

Born at Holywell 16 March 1843, second son of William Morris (1812 - 1886). From Ruthin Grammar School he went in April 1861 to Jesus College, Oxford, graduating with classical honours in 1865 (D.D. 1884). After four years on the staff of Rossall (he was ordained in 1867), he was principal of Carmarthen Training College from 1869 till 1876; in 1873 he received a canonry at S. Davids, which he retained for the rest of his life. From 1876 till 1884 he was headmaster of Godolphin School, Hammersmith, and a vicar in London from 1878 till 1882; but in 1884 he removed to Eccleston to be chaplain and librarian to the duke of Westminster. He did good historical work during his ten years there — his Chester during the Plantagenet and Tudor Reigns (1894), and his history of the diocese of Chester (1895) may be specified. In 1894 the duke presented him to the living of S. Gabriel's, Pimlico; he died there 2 January 1918. He was a member of the Cambrian Archaeological Association from 1890, and editor of Archæologia Cambrensis, to which he contributed good articles, from 1907 till 1918. For that Society, too, he edited (1909-11) Edward Lhuyd's Parochialia, but his knowledge of Welsh was not quite adequate for this task.


Published date: 1959

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