MORGAN, THOMAS (1769 - 1851), navy chaplain

Name: Thomas Morgan
Date of birth: 1769
Date of death: 1851
Parent: Philip Morgan
Gender: Male
Occupation: navy chaplain
Area of activity: Military; Religion
Author: Robert Thomas Jenkins

Born 6 December 1769, son of Philip Morgan of Devynnock, Brecknock — see the article G. E. F. Morgan. He was at Christ College school under David Griffith (1726 - 1816), and went to Wadham and Jesus, Oxford, graduating in 1790 (D.D. 1824). He took orders, and after a breakdown in health became a chaplain in the royal navy. He was at the ‘First of June’ (1794), in which he was wounded. In 1798 he was at Spithead when the mutiny broke out; his sympathies were with the men, and his influence upon them helped to restore order; in the same year (21 April) he was in the battle off Ushant. He was chaplain and secretary to admiral Cotton from 1799 to 1807, then chaplain in various naval hospitals, and finally (from 1817) chaplain of the dockyard at Portsmouth, where he died 22 November 1851. He held livings as well: the perpetual curacy of Talley and Llansadwrn, Carmarthenshire, the rectory of Llanfaches, Monmouth (to which he gave communionplate), and the vicariate of King's Langley, Hertfordshire On the death of his only son (1844), he sold his estates in Brecknock.


Published date: 1959

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