JONES, BENJAMIN (' P[rif] A[rwyddfardd] Môn '; 1788 - 1841), poet, writer, and Baptist apologete

Name: Benjamin Jones
Pseudonym: P[rif] A[rwyddfardd] Môn
Date of birth: 1788
Date of death: 1841
Spouse: Mary Jones (née Parry)
Parent: Elizabeth Jones (née Roberts)
Parent: William Jones
Gender: Male
Occupation: poet, writer, and Baptist apologete
Area of activity: Literature and Writing; Poetry; Religion
Author: Benjamin George Owens

Born 1788, son of William Jones, Treddaniel, one of the earliest Baptist deacons at Holyhead, and Elizabeth Roberts, daughter of William Roberts, Garreg-fawr. He was baptized at Holyhead by Christmas Evans in 1811, and spent his whole life there, as a draper, until his death on 19 February 1841. He married, 12 October 1810, Mary, daughter of Edward Parry of Holyhead, and thirteen children were born to them. He is best remembered for his disputations on the question of baptism with David Owen (Brutus) and Michael Roberts, Pwllheli. He contributed much to Seren Gomer, and published Athrawiaeth Bedydd, 1830; Y Cronicl: neu Draethawd ar Fedydd, 1831; Temperance v. Teetotalism, 1838; An Elegy on the death of Benjamin B. Jones, the eldest surviving child of B. Jones of Holyhead, 1824; and Amddiffyniad o Brynedigaeth Neillduol, 1832, the latter a translation from the English of William Rushton, junr., Liverpool. A group of his personal manuscripts has been preserved in the collection of William Roberts (Nefydd) in the National Library of Wales, including an incomplete history of the Baptists in Anglesey.


Published date: 1959

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