HYWEL ap RHEINALLT, or HYWEL RHEINALLT (fl. c. 1471-1494), a poet

Name: Hywel Ap Rheinallt
Gender: Male
Occupation: poet
Area of activity: Poetry
Author: Ray Looker

whose work is well represented in existing manuscripts. It includes a large number of poems to members of various landed families of North Wales, including those of Ynys y Maengwyn, Coetmor, Clenennau, and Emral; he wrote a poem in praise of Dafydd ab Owain, abbot of Strata Marcella. A number of his love poems and his bardic controversy with Lewys Môn are also preserved; a reference is made to him by Llywelyn ap Gutun in that poet's ymryson with Lewys Môn (Llanst. MS. 122 (620)). No details regarding his life are known, but he was obviously a native of some part of North Wales.


Published date: 1959

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