HUGHES, THOMAS (1758 - 1828), Calvinistic Methodist minister, of Liverpool,

Name: Thomas Hughes
Date of birth: 1758
Date of death: 1828
Child: Mary Williams (née Hughes)
Gender: Male
Occupation: Calvinistic Methodist minister
Place: Liverpool
Area of activity: Religion
Author: Robert Thomas Jenkins

He should be recorded as the first Calvinistic Methodist exhorter in Liverpool to be ordained. He was a carpenter's son, born at Bala; he joined the society there in 1782. Removing in 1787 to Liverpool to work as a carpenter, he began preaching in 1789, and (with Thomas Edwards) became a leader of Liverpool Welsh Methodism; he was ordained in 1816. From being a carpenter, he had developed into a building-contractor and built a number of chapels in Manchester and North Wales. He died 2 November 1828, aged seventy. A memoir (1829) of him and of his fellow-worker Thomas Edwards, by John Jones (1790 - 1855), includes some of his verse. His daughter Mary (who d. 9 September 1860) married Richard Williams (1802 - 1842).


Published date: 1959

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