GRUFFUDD NANNAU (fl. c. 1460) poet

Name: Gruffudd Nannau
Gender: Male
Occupation: poet
Area of activity: Poetry
Author: Ray Looker

a member apparently of the Nannau family. Some examples of his work exist in manuscript, and these include an englyn written to the poet Gruffudd Phylip (N.L.W. MS. 643 (39b)), a cywydd to the sons of Ieuan Fychan of Pengwern (Cardiff MS. 83 (28b); Mostyn MS. 146 (500)), and another to Dafydd Llwyd ap Gruffudd Deuddwr (Pen. MS. 64 (236)).


Published date: 1959

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Amend the floruit; he was contemporary with Dafydd ap Maredudd ap Tudur, fl. 1460; they both wrote poetry to Dafydd ap Gruffudd Deuddwr (Pen. MS. 64, ff. 236 and 243), thus both were active in 1460. Note also that Ieuan Fychan of Pengwern died c. 1458.

    Published date: 1997