DAFYDD ap MAREDUDD ap TUDUR (fl. 1460), of Tregynon, Montgomeryshire, one of the less prolific poets of the second half of the 15th century

Name: Dafydd Ap Maredudd Ap Tudur
Gender: Male
Occupation: poets
Place: Tregynon
Area of activity: Poetry
Author: Rhiannon Francis Roberts

His compositions include eulogies of Hywel Colunwy (not of Hywel ap Siencyn), Dafydd Deuddwr, Watcyn ap Tomas ap Rhoser, and Dafydd ab Owain, abbot of Strata Marcella, and poems of a religious nature. It appears from the contents of ' Tebic ywr byd kyngyd kaeth ' that towards the end of his life he became blind.


Published date: 1959

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