TURNER, SHARON (1768 - 1847), solicitor and historian

Name: Sharon Turner
Date of birth: 1768
Date of death: 1847
Gender: Male
Occupation: solicitor and historian
Area of activity: History and Culture; Law
Author: Enid Pierce Roberts

Born in London 24 September 1768 and died there 13 February 1847. His career and work are fully discussed in D.N.B. His chief work was his History of England … to the Norman Conquest, 1799-1805. In the course of this book (which broke new ground in this subject) he made use of the ancient poetry of Britain, for which he was criticised by those who disputed the genuineness of the poems. He replied, in 1803, by publishing A Vindication of the Genuineness of the Ancient British Poems of Aneurin, Taliesin, Llywarch Hen, and Merdhin, with Specimens of the Poems. He was the first to discuss their antiquity, demonstrating the ignorance of the sceptics; see John Morris-Jones, Taliesin (= Cymm., xxviii). His letters to William Owen Pughe are in the National Library of Wales (NLW MSS. 13222-4); he also corresponded with John Hughes of Brecon (1776 - 1843), praising the work of the latter.


Published date: 2001

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