PAMPLIN, WILLIAM (1806 - 1899), botanist

Name: William Pamplin
Date of birth: 1806
Date of death: 1899
Spouse: Margaret Pamplin (née Parry)
Spouse: Caroline Pamplin (née Hunneman)
Gender: Male
Occupation: botanist
Area of activity: Medicine; Nature and Agriculture; Science and Mathematics
Author: Evan Roberts

Born in Chelsea, 5 August 1806. In 1827 he published a list of the rare plants of Battersea and Chelsea. He wrote a great deal for the Magazine of Natural History and became editor of The Phytologist in 1855; he married Caroline Hunneman, the daughter of the owner of the journal. Frequent visits to north Wales deepened his affection for the area and after retiring in 1864 from his business as a publisher and bookseller he settled in Llandderfel, Meironnydd, where he built a house (Pen-y-llan) and lived for the rest of his life studying the botany and birds of the countryside. His wife died in 1876, and he married Margaret Parry of Blaen-y-cwm, Bethel, Llandderfel, in 1878. He died 9 September 1899 and was buried in Llandderfel.


Published date: 2001

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