LEWIS, EMLYN EVANS (1905 - 1969), plastic surgeon

Name: Emlyn Evans Lewis
Date of birth: 1905
Date of death: 1969
Spouse: Mary Lewis (née Cooper)
Gender: Male
Occupation: plastic surgeon
Area of activity: Medicine
Author: Emyr Wyn Jones

Born in Pennsylvania 10 April 1905. While still young he was brought to Wales by his mother and he received his education at Monmouth School and then went to London to study medicine at St. Mary's Hospital. He was regarded there as the most brilliant student of his year and Qualified M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. in 1929 and F.R.C.S. in 1933. After acquiring extensive experience in general surgery he decided to specialise in plastic surgery. He gave exceptionally valuable service at the centre at Gloucester when treating airmen suffering from extensive burns received during World War I. The centre was transferred to St. Lawrence Hospital at Chepstow in 1948, and came under the administration of the Welsh Hospital Board. Lewis spent the remainder of his distinguished career in full charge of this Special Unit, and combined his responsibilities there with extra duties as consultant to various hospitals in Cardiff, including the Royal Infirmary. The excellent reputation of St. Lawrence Hospital extended throughout south and west Wales, and his skill and experience in the treatment of burns proved of inestimable value to miners and steel workers, who were particularly exposed to such hazards. He was an exceptionally talented pioneer and an untiring worker in his chosen field, and was greatly respected throughout the United Kingdom. Furthermore, he was a remarkably capable and determined administrator, and a persuasive lecturer.

Lewis was a man of short, stocky physique and an enthusiastic footballer — an activity that determined the shape of his nose. It was the recurrent damage to that organ that engendered his initial interest in plastic surgery. His kindness was legendary and his memory faultless. He was an avid collector of period clocks, and eventually became a very knowledgeable horologist. He was also a keen Freemason, being master of several lodges. He died in Cardiff Royal Infirmary, 14 May 1969, and was survived by his wife (Mary Cooper, when he married 28 October 1939) and daughter.


Published date: 2001

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