HOWELLS, GEORGE (1871 - 1955), principal of Serampore College, India

Name: George Howells
Date of birth: 1871
Date of death: 1955
Parent: Jane Howells
Parent: George William Howells
Gender: Male
Occupation: principal of Serampore College, India
Area of activity: Education
Author: Emlyn Davies

Born 11 May 1871 at Llandafal Farm, Cwm, Monmouthshire, the son of George William and Jane Howells. He received his early education at the Board School, Cwm, and later went to the Grammar School, Pengam. Having won the Ward Scholarship, he entered Regent's Park Baptist College, London. He graduated at the University of London, and then pursued his studies in Oxford at Mansfield and Jesus Colleges; Christ's College, Cambridge; and the University of Tübingen. He graduated at four universities, and received honorary degrees from the Universities of St. Andrews, Scotland; Serampore, India; and Wales.

Under the Baptist Missionary Society he went to India in 1895, and his chief responsibility was literary and educational work. In 1907 he was appointed Principal of Serampore College, and remained there for a quarter of a century. He reestablished the college on the liberal foundations of William Carey, and preserved his highest ideals. From 1913 to 1929 he was a Fellow and examiner of the University of Calcutta, and in 1918 he was a member of the Bengal Legislative Council. He returned in 1932, and was lecturer in Hebrew at Rawdon Baptist College until his retirement in 1935. He died 7 November 1955 having made his home at Castleton, near Cardiff.

In 1913 he published The Soul of India, a series of lectures which he had delivered at the University of London in 1909. He wrote the major portion, and edited the whole, of The Story of Serampore (1927) and contributed many articles to Indian periodicals, confining himself to education and theological problems.


Published date: 2001

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