FOULKES, ANNIE (1877 - 1962), editor of an anthology

Name: Annie Foulkes
Date of birth: 1877
Date of death: 1962
Parent: Edward Foulkes
Gender: Female
Occupation: editor of an anthology
Area of activity: Literature and Writing; Poetry
Author: Bedwyr Lewis Jones

Born 24 March 1877 at Llanberis, Caernarfonshire. Her father, Edward Foulkes (1850 - 1917), was an official at Dinorwig slate quarry, a man of wide literary culture and author of a number of articles in Welsh periodicals on 19th-c. English writers : Robert Williams Parry wrote a sonnet in memory of him. She was educated at Dr. Williams' School, Dolgellau, and at College de Jeunes Filles in Saumur, France, 1896-97. She was a French teacher at Bray, Co. Wicklow, 1897, at Tregaron county school, 1898-1905, and Barry county school, 1905-18. In 1918 she was appointed Executive Secretary of the Appointments Board of the University of Wales, to succeed Robert Silyn Roberts. At Barry she was a member of a literary circle which formed around Thomas Jones, C.H. and Silyn - the group behind the establishment of The Welsh Outlook. Thomas Jones believed there was a need for an anthology of modern Welsh poetry and suggested that Annie Foulkes should edit it. The anthology appeared in 1918 under the title Telyn y dydd, as one of the volumes of the series ' Cyfres yr Enfys '. It became very popular, particularly in schools - a fourth edition was published in 1929. Annie Foulkes died unmarried at Caernarfon 12 November 1862 aged 85 years.


Published date: 2001

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