ROBERT (ab) IFAN, or ROBERT IFANS (fl. c. 1572-1603), poet

Name: Robert (ab) Ifan
Parent: Marged ferch Huw ap Rhys
Parent: Ifan ap Wiliam
Gender: Male
Occupation: poet
Area of activity: Poetry; Royalty and Society
Author: Rhiannon Francis Roberts

of a good family at Brynsiencyn, Anglesey. His genealogy is given in full in Pen. MS. 158 at the end of the interesting copy which he prepared for his own use (in May 1587) of the contents of the bardic grammars, etc.; there he states that his mother's name was Marged, daughter of Huw ap Rhys of Fysoglen (Maesoglan), and explains how his father, Ifan ap Wiliam, came to own land in Anglesey (yet neither father nor son would seem to have been paying subsidy). He addressed his poems chiefly to the gentry of Anglesey and Denbighshire, amongst others to the Salusbury family of Lleweni; elegies which he wrote for Katheryn of Berain and Siôn Tudur have also been preserved. Some of his work, in his own handwriting, is to be found in Christ Church MS. 184 (for a photostat copy see N.L.W. MSS. 6495-6) and in Pen. MS. 72. ‘Robert Ifan lan lonydd’ is mentioned in Thomas Prys's ‘Cywydd i yrru yr Eryr at brydyddion i neges.’ (J. Fisher, The Cefn Coch MSS., 1899, 23.)


Published date: 1959

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