JENKINS, EVAN (1781-1863), hymnist.

Name: Evan Jenkins
Date of birth: 1781
Date of death: 1863
Gender: Male
Occupation: hymnist
Area of activity: Poetry; Religion
Author: Robert Thomas Jenkins

Born in the upper part of Llansamlet parish, Glam. He was a weaver, and worked for a time at Neath and Llantrisant, but returned to Llansamlet, where he became a member and an elder of Capel-y-Cwm (C.M.) church. His two sons (by two marriages) became weavers at Swansea, and members of Trinity (C.M.) church there. The father joined them, but regularly walked out to Capel-y-Cwm for the services. One hymn by him (beginning ‘Duwioldeb yn ei grym …’) has retained popular favour, and appears in modern hymnaries. He died 4 April 1863, aged 82, and was buried in front of Cwm chapel.

His elder brother, WILLIAM JENKINS, born 18 April 1779, was a collier, and also caretaker of Philadelphia C.M. chapel at Morriston. He wrote elegies and hymns (notably an elegy upon John Evans of Llwynffortun, 1779 - 1847); some of his hymns were printed by Daniel Evans (1774 - 1825) in his collection Swp o Ffigys, and one was set as an anthem by D. Emlyn Evans.



Published date: 1959

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