KENTIGERN (Welsh CYNDEYRN), or MUNGO (518? - 603), saint, the founder of Glasgow

Name: Kentigern
Date of birth: 518?
Date of death: 603
Parent: Owain ab Urien
Gender: Male
Occupation: saint, the founder of Glasgow
Area of activity: Religion
Author: Robert Thomas Jenkins

He appears in the Welsh genealogies as Cyndeyrn, son of Owain ab Urien and grandson of Urien (of) Rheged; Owain is an important figure in the romances included in the ' Red Book of Hergest,' and he and his father, Urien, figure in the early Welsh poems which recount the struggles of the North British princes against Hussa the son of Ida - see the articles Llywarch Hen and Taliesin. The family, however, is associated with Strathclyde, not with Wales in our sense of that name; and S. Kentigern's sole claim to inclusion in the present work is the not too well substantiated tradition which makes him the founder of the monastery and see of S. Asaph - on this matter, see the article Asaph. He died on 13 January, probably in 603 - Ann. C., with less probability, has 612.


Published date: 1959

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