CADWALADR, ROGER (1566 - 1610), seminary priest and martyr

Name: Roger Cadwaladr
Date of birth: 1566
Date of death: 1610
Gender: Male
Occupation: seminary priest and martyr
Area of activity: Religion
Author: John Martin Cleary

He was born at Stretton Sugwas, Herefordshire. He entered the seminary at Reims in 1590, and was made priest at Valladolid in 1593. His mission area was the southern Marches, where he was arrested in 1610. He had sided with the Appellant group of priests, 1600-03, against the other clergy and the Jesuits, but subsequently altered his views, and was visited in prison by the Jesuit Superior, Fr. Robert Jones, the day he was condemned to death. It was Fr. Jones who wrote, in Italian, an account of his execution at Leominster, 27 August 1610.


Published date: 1959

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