WATKIN, EVAN (fl. circa 1801 - circa 1845), schoolmaster and writer

Name: Evan Watkin
Gender: Male
Occupation: schoolmaster and writer
Area of activity: Education; Literature and Writing
Author: William Llewelyn Davies

member of the Watkin family of Moelcerni, near Aberystwyth. He was a pupil at Ystradmeurig school, but does not appear to have proceeded to Oxford. In January 1821 he was in London, seeking a post in a school; it is known that he taught at schools in Twickenham, London, Totteridge (Hertfordshire), Cheltenham, Aberystwyth, Worcester, Cheltenham (Charlton), Bath (Belvedere), and again at Cheltenham. He wrote (1) A new translation of Homer's Iliad, with notes, by Blank Blank, Esq. (London, published by A. Robertson and Co. Printed by J. Cox, Aberystwyth, 1825); (2) A Key to the Greek Language (London, A. Robertson and Co.); (3) Greek Delectus for the Use of Schools; (4) Greek Grammar. He relinquished teaching in 1840 and edited, for John Cox, Aberystwyth, The Demetian Mirror, or Aberystwith Reporter, of which twelve parts appeared.


Published date: 1959

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