TREVOR, JOHN (I) (died 1357), bishop of S. Asaph

Name: John Trevor
Date of death: 1357
Gender: Male
Occupation: bishop of S. Asaph
Area of activity: Religion
Author: Robert Thomas Jenkins

Very little is known about him, and the principal object of this note is to warn the reader against a tendency to mix him up with John Trevor (II). It is quite obvious that he was a ‘climber.’ We first hear of him in 1343 in the papal court at Avignon where he was given permission to hold a canonry at S. Asaph simultaneously with one at Bangor — in addition to which he was, in 1344, made a prebendary of S. Asaph. On the death of David, bishop of S. Asaph, the pope intended to enthrone an Italian but this was fiercely opposed by the chapter. Accordingly, in 1346, the diocese was offered to ‘Griffin de Trevor.’ He declined the appointment which was thereupon offered to his nephew, John Trevor, who was on the spot; he was consecrated at Avignon in June 1346, and sent over to Wales in July. But according to Le Neve, it was in 1352 and in Rome that the consecration took place; possibly this refers to a second consecration — it should be observed that it was in 1352 that Trevor took his oath of obedience to Canterbury. He died in 1357 — in. February, according to Le Neve, but in the middle of the year, according to Browne Willis. Tradition has it that he built Llangollen bridge; the present bridge is no older than the time of Elizabeth I, but it is quite possible that John Trevor had built an earlier one there.


Published date: 1959

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