SAUNDERS, THOMAS (1732 - 1790), Independent minister

Name: Thomas Saunders
Date of birth: 1732
Date of death: 1790
Gender: Male
Occupation: Independent minister
Area of activity: Religion
Author: Robert Thomas Jenkins

nothing is known of his origins, but he seems to have been a native of Pontypool - even when an ordained minister, he kept on living at Pontypool and acting as an overseer at Hanbury's works. It seems certain that he came to religion through the Methodist revival; Philip David accuses him of ' preaching like the Methodists, observing no order, but rambling ' - and of inviting other quasi-Methodists ' to give a rant ' in his pulpit at Newport (Cofiadur, 1935, 37) - naturally, on the other hand, Edmund Jones speaks of him in the highest terms (Trevecka Letter 2724). At the end of 1769, Saunders was appointed pastor of Llanfaches and of its branch in Mill-street, Newport; he had a congregation at Machen also. He died 9 January 1790, 'aged 58,' and was buried near Mill-street chapel at Newport.


Published date: 1959

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