SALESBURY (SALISBURY), HENRY (1561 - 1637?), grammarian

Name: Henry Salesbury
Date of birth: 1561
Date of death: 1637?
Gender: Male
Occupation: grammarian
Area of activity: Scholarship and Languages
Author: Thomas Herbert Parry-Williams

Born in Henllan parish, Denbighshire, his family being a branch of the old Lleweni family. He graduated in Oxford University (S. Alban Hall), studied medicine, and followed the profession of a physician. Dr. John Davies of Mallwyd refers to him as ' medicus doctis annumerandus.'

In 1593 he published his Welsh grammar, Grammatica Britannica (London). It is also recorded that he had begun another work, a Welsh-Latin dictionary called ' Geirva Tavod Cymraec.' There are Welsh and Latin lines written by him in the form of a cywydd at the beginning of Egluryn Phraethineb, 1595, by Henry Perri - see the edition of that book published by the University of Wales Press, 1930.

He is believed to have been the Henry Salesbury who died at Chester, 6 October 1637.


Published date: 1959

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