ROBERTS, ROBERT (1777 - 1836), almanack-maker and printer

Name: Robert Roberts
Date of birth: 1777
Date of death: 1836
Parent: Margaret Roberts (née Jones)
Parent: John Roberts
Gender: Male
Occupation: almanack-maker and printer
Area of activity: History and Culture; Poetry; Printing and Publishing; Scholarship and Languages; Science and Mathematics
Author: Thomas Isfryn Jones

Born in 1777, son of John Roberts (Siôn Robert Lewis) whom he succeeded as the publisher and compiler of the popular Holyhead almanacks known as Cyfaill Glandeg, Cyfaill Taeredd, etc., for the years 1805 to 1837. These almanacks were printed by John Jones of Trefriw under a fictitious Dublin imprint in order to avoid Government tax. He also published Eurgrawn Môn, neu y Drysorfa Hanesyddol, 1825-6, which ceased publication after twenty-one numbers. Roberts was also the author of Daearyddiaeth Gymreig (Chester, 1816) and a book on astrology — Seryddiaeth neu lyfr gwybodaeth yn dangos rheoliad y planedau ar bersonau dynion (Llanrwst, 1830). He died 2 August 1836 at the age of 58.


Published date: 1959

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