ROBERTS, ROBERT (1774 - 1849), Calvinistic Methodist minister, and hymnist

Name: Robert Roberts
Date of birth: 1774
Date of death: 1849
Spouse: Roberts
Gender: Male
Occupation: Calvinistic Methodist minister, and hymnist
Area of activity: Poetry; Religion
Author: Robert Thomas Jenkins

b. at S. Asaph, and given a good general education, he became a whitesmith. He seems to have led an irregular life until he was converted to religion under the preaching of Robert Prys (1738 - 1809) of Plas-winter; he thereupon joined the Methodists, despite his father's opposition; and in or about 1805 became a preacher. His wife d., and he m. again (1813), a widow called Clarke, of Tan-y-clawdd farm, Rhosllannerch-rugog; he gave up his craft and went to live on that farm — he is generally known as ‘Robert Roberts of Rhos.’ According to Roger Edwards his preaching was of a philosophical cast, and his views brought him, as they brought John Jones of Tal-y-sarn, John Hughes, (1796 - 1860), and Morris Roberts, into great disfavour with the reactionaries among the Flintshire Methodists c. 1828-41; nor did his own sharp tongue lessen this disfavour. He narrowly escaped excommunication — even so, his ordination was deferred till 1832, when he was 58 and had been a preacher for more than twenty-five years. He wrote many hymns; these, with some other verse of his, were printed in Y Traethodydd, and some of them will be found in Emynau y Cysegr. He died suddenly, 14 August 1849, aged 75.


Published date: 1959

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