ROBERTS, CADWALADR (d. 1708/9), poet

Name: Cadwaladr Roberts
Date of death: 1708/9
Gender: Male
Occupation: poet
Area of activity: Poetry
Author: David James Bowen

of Cwmllech Uchaf, Pennant Melangell, Mont. He was a contemporary of Huw Morys, and the dialogue poem concerning matrimony, jointly composed by them, shows that they were close acquaintances. He also composed some five nativity carols; one of these was published by David Jones of Trefriw in Blodeu-Gerdd Cymry. His satire on smallpox is also included in that volume. His poem begging a harp of Wiliam Llwyd, Llangedwyn, for Siôn Prys is of social interest (Cwrtmawr MS. 128 (122)). ‘Llyfr Cadwaladr Roberts, 1676’ (Cwrtmawr MS. 227), is his anthology of poetry by some of his contemporaries, including Huw Morys and Edward Morris. The tunes to which he wrote are frequently noted in the manuscripts. He was a very mediocre poet, and his poetry contains a profusion of colloquial forms. His burial on 14 February 1708/9 is recorded in the bishops’ transcripts for Pennant Melangell. A cottage in Cwmllech has ‘C.R. 1665’ carved above one of its windows. Some say that he was of the Roberts family of Branas in Edeirnion.


Published date: 1959

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