REES, GEORGE (died 1795), Baptist minister

Name: George Rees
Date of death: 1795
Spouse: Elizabeth Rees
Child: Margaret Davies (née Rees)
Child: James Rees
Gender: Male
Occupation: Baptist minister
Area of activity: Religion
Author: Benjamin George Owens

He was baptized at Llangloffan 11 July 1741, and it was there that he started to preach in 1745 and was ordained in 1758, but he began to assist the cause at Rhydwilym on the fall of David Thomas in 1769, and to administer ordinances there in 1771. Eventually, in 1775, he received dismission to become pastor of the church, which he served with exceptional success in spite of the fact that he lived as far away as Cilgwyn in the parish of Manordivy. He died 17 June 1795, aged 75; his wife Elizabeth died 24 June 1798, aged 77; both were buried at Cilfowyr. His will refers to two of his children, James Rees and Margaret Davies.


Published date: 1959

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