QUARRELL, JAMES (fl. 1650-1672), Puritan preacher, Independent

Name: James Quarrell
Gender: Male
Occupation: Puritan preacher, Independent
Area of activity: Religion
Author: Thomas Richards

He appears first as one of the itinerant preachers who followed Vavasor Powell in the days of the Propagation Act (1650-3), as one of Powell's chief apologists in the Examen et Purgamen Vavasoris, and supporting Powell in his opposition to Cromwell's Protectorate by signing the Word for God. Under the ' Triers ' he was a settled minister at Forden, Montgomeryshire. With the Restoration he was cast into prison at Welshpool; under the Five Mile Act he had to find a new home, and chose Shrewsbury. There, in 1671, he gave somewhat unheroic advice to Henry Maurice in his days of crisis, and there, on 22 May 1672, he received a licence to preach under the new Indulgence in one of the rooms of the King's Head.


Published date: 1959

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