QUARRELL, JAMES (fl. 1650-1672), Puritan preacher, Independent

Name: James Quarrell
Gender: Male
Occupation: Puritan preacher, Independent
Area of activity: Religion
Author: Thomas Richards

He appears first as one of the itinerant preachers who followed Vavasor Powell in the days of the Propagation Act (1650-3), as one of Powell's chief apologists in the Examen et Purgamen Vavasoris, and supporting Powell in his opposition to Cromwell's Protectorate by signing the Word for God. Under the ‘Triers’ he was a settled minister at Forden, Montgomeryshire. With the Restoration he was cast into prison at Welshpool; under the Five Mile Act he had to find a new home, and chose Shrewsbury. There, in 1671, he gave somewhat unheroic advice to Henry Maurice in his days of crisis, and there, on 22 May 1672, he received a licence to preach under the new Indulgence in one of the rooms of the King's Head.


Published date: 1959

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