PROPERT, JOHN (1793 - 1867), physician, founder of the Medical Benevolent College, Epsom

Name: John Propert
Date of birth: 1793
Date of death: 1867
Spouse: Juliana Propert (née Ross)
Child: John Lumsden Propert
Parent: Thomas Propert
Gender: Male
Occupation: physician, founder of the Medical Benevolent College, Epsom
Area of activity: Education; Medicine; Philanthropy
Author: Moelwyn Idwal Williams

Born 19 July 1793 at Blaenpistyll, Llan-goedmor, Cardiganshire. He was educated at the free grammar school, Cardigan. He entered the army when very young, but, seeing no chance of promotion, entered the service of Dr. Noot, surgeon, at Cardigan. Poor and in humble circumstances, he was assisted by a relative who provided funds to enable him to go to London where he became a pupil of Dr. Abernethy; at 21 he gained his diploma. He was successful in his calling and settled down at Cardigan where he had a large practice and became a wealthy man. He subscribed liberally to the Medical Protection Society and was founder and treasurer of the Medical Benevolent College at Epsom, opened by the prince Consort in 1855. He was also chairman of the Carmarthen and Cardigan Railway. His wife was Juliana Ross. He died 8 September 1867. His son, JOHN LUMSDEN PROPERT (1834 - 1902), was a well-known physician and art critic.


Published date: 1959

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