PARRY, WILLIAM (died 1585), Roman Catholic conspirator

Name: William Parry
Date of death: 1585
Parent: Henry ap David
Gender: Male
Occupation: Roman Catholic conspirator
Area of activity: Anti Establishment; Politics, Government and Political Movements; Religion
Author: Glanmor Williams

was probably the son of Harry ap David, of Northop, Flintshire. To escape his creditors, he entered Burghley's service as a spy on Roman Catholics, and crossed to the Continent in 1571, 1579, and 1582. He himself became Roman Catholic in sympathy, and was convinced of the need for Elizabeth's assassination. His part in a proposed conspiracy against her life was betrayed by a fellow- conspirator, following Parry's condemnation in the House of Commons in 1584 of a bill against Jesuits. He was found guilty, and executed 2 March 1585. Doubts exist whether he was guilty, and still more whether he had the necessary determination and ability to have executed the plot.


Published date: 1959

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