OWEN, JOHN (1790 - 1846), founder of Owens College, Manchester

Name: John Owen
Date of birth: 1790
Date of death: 1846
Parent: Sarah Owens (née Humphreys)
Parent: Owen Owens
Gender: Male
Occupation: founder of Owens College, Manchester
Area of activity: Education; Philanthropy
Author: Robert Thomas Jenkins

was born in 1790 at Manchester, and died 29 July 1846, aged 55, unmarried, leaving nearly £100,000 for establishing the college. He was for a time partner in the firm of Samuel Faulkner & Co. He was a taciturn and unsociable man. His parents were Welsh — his father, Owen Owens (1764 - 1844) was born at Holywell, and his mother Sarah (Humphreys, died 1816) in that neighbourhood. Owen Owens went to Manchester when young, and was an intelligent and widely-read man, who established a large furrier's business, with branches in London and other places.


Published date: 1959

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