OWEN, ATHELSTAN (1676 - 1731), of Rhiwsaeson, Llanbryn-mair, Montgomeryshire

Name: Athelstan Owen
Date of birth: 1676
Date of death: 1731
Spouse: Anna Athelstan (née Corbet)
Child: Ann Maurice (née Owen)
Child: Elizabeth Powell
Child: Richard Owen
Child: Corbet Owen
Gender: Male
Home: Rhiwsaeson
Place: Llanbryn-mair
Area of activity: Poetry; Public and Social Service, Civil Administration
Author: Herbert Gladstone Wright

He was born in 1676 (christened 26 November); on his family, see Mont. Coll., xxii, 35-43. He went up to Christ Church, Oxford, in 1693, but did not graduate; was sheriff of Merioneth in 1726; died 14 August 1731, and was buried at Towyn, Merioneth. U.C.N.W. Library Bangor MS. 7056 (1-75) contains English verse written by him, headed 'the second part,' and belonging to the years 1711- c. 1729; the verse shows marks of a good classical education, a love of his countryside, and a lively interest in the manners and politics of his day.

His marriage with Ann , the heiress of Ynysmaengwyn, Meirionethshire, is noticed in the article on the Wynn - Pryse - Corbet families of that place.


Published date: 1959

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