OWAIN FYCHAN ap MADOG ap MAREDUDD (died 1187), prince of Powys

Name: Owain Fychan Ap Madog Ap Maredudd
Date of death: 1187
Parent: Susanna ferch Gruffydd ap Cynan
Parent: Madog ap Maredudd
Gender: Male
Occupation: prince of Powys
Area of activity: Politics, Government and Political Movements; Royalty and Society
Author: Thomas Jones Pierce

He was one of the sons of Madog ap Maredudd by Susanna, daughter of Gruffudd ap Cynan. His share of his father's territories, according to a contemporary poem, lay in Mechain, Cynllaith, and Mochnant-is-Rhaeadr, wedged between the dominions of his eldest brother, Gruffydd ap Madog, and those of his cousin, Owen Cyfeiliog. A minor prince of more than ordinary personality, he met his end at Gwern-y-figyn, near Carreghofa, where he was treacherously attacked by night by Gwenwynwyn and Cadwallon, the sons of Owain Cyfeiliog. His descendants continued to rule over a much diminished realm in Mechain until the end of the 13th century.


Published date: 1959

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