NASH, DAVID WILLIAM (died 1876 or 7), antiquary and writer on early Welsh literature

Name: David William Nash
Date of death: 1876 or 7
Gender: Male
Occupation: antiquary and writer on early Welsh literature
Area of activity: History and Culture; Literature and Writing
Author: Mary Gwyneth Lewis

he resided at Cheltenham. He was a member of the Cambrian Institution from 1858 to 1864, and a contributor to its Journal. On 4 February 1864 he was elected F.S.A. His publications include the following works: On the Antiquity of the Egyptian Calendar, 1845; Taliesin, or the Bards and Druids of Britain … 1858; On the History of the Battle of Cattraeth and the Gododin of Aneurin, 1861; The Pharaoh of the Exodus, 1863; ' Merlin the Enchanter and Merlin the Bard ' - an essay published in the Early English Text Society's volume for 1869. In addition he was the author of publications relating to the geology of Cheltenham and district. Notice of his death was communicated to the Society of Antiquaries between April 1876 and April 1877 (see Cymm., xxviii, 18-22).


Published date: 1959

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