NASH, RICHARD (‘Beau Nash’; 1674 - 1761),

Name: Richard Nash
Pseudonym: Beau Nash
Date of birth: 1674
Date of death: 1761
Parent: Richard Nash
Gender: Male
Area of activity: Sports and Leisure Pursuits
Author: Robert Thomas Jenkins

Born at Swansea 18 October 1674, died at Bath 3 February 1761, and buried with unusual pomp in Bath Abbey. His remarkable career, and the ways in which he developed Bath into a centre of fashion, are recounted in Thomas Seccombe's article in the D.N.B., and in a host of other books. His father was Richard Nash, born in Pembroke town, who had settled at Swansea as a partner in glass-works; his mother was a niece of John Poyer of Pembroke. His ancestry is not clear. A family bearing the surname Nash had been squires of Llangwm, Pembrokeshire (W. Wales Hist. Records, ii, 36-7; Laws, Little England, 445); Fenton describes them as newcomers to Pembrokeshire (possibly from Carmarthen town, where, in 1586, there was an important merchant named Richard Nash). It was a family in which the name ‘Richard’ recurred frequently — but a family which ran out in heiresses. It is yet possible that a cadet of this family had turned to trade and founded a plebeian line which retained the name ‘Richard.’ ‘Beau Nash’ was at Queen Elizabeth's School at Carmarthen, and in March 1691/2 entered Jesus College, Oxford, but he did not graduate.


Published date: 1959

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