MORRIS, EDWARD ROWLEY (1828 - 1893), antiquary

Name: Edward Rowley Morris
Date of birth: 1828
Date of death: 1893
Parent: Edward Rowley Morris
Gender: Male
Occupation: antiquary
Area of activity: History and Culture
Author: Robert Thomas Jenkins

Born 22 April 1828 at New Hall, Kerry, Montgomeryshire, son of Edward Rowley Morris. He was educated with a view to holy orders, but in 1851 he went to America. Returning, he joined his father's wool business at Newtown, but later was a coal and lime merchant at Welshpool, becoming prominent in the public life of that town. But his interests became increasingly antiquarian, and in 1881 he removed to London to be within reach of the record-collections. He died in London, 24 July 1893, but was buried at Newtown. He was one of the earliest members of the ‘Powysland Club,’ and contributed many important articles to Mont. Coll., Bye-Gones, and similar journals. In the opinion of his fellow- antiquary Richard Williams (1835 - 1906), his knowledge of Montgomeryshire history was ‘perfectly unique.’


Published date: 1959

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