MORRIS, JOHN (1706 - 1740), sailor

Name: John Morris
Date of birth: 1706
Date of death: 1740
Parent: Margaret Morris (née Owen)
Parent: Morris Morris
Gender: Male
Occupation: sailor
Area of activity: Military; Travel and Exploration
Author: Robert Thomas Jenkins

son of Morris ap Rhisiart Morris, and brother of Lewis, Richard, and William Morris. Born in 1706. Little is known about him, other than what is said in an article on his brother Lewis in the Cambrian Register, 1796, 232, from which we learn that he died on board the warship Torbay (in the unsuccessful attack on Cartagena) in 1740, aged 34 — he was ' master's mate.' We have some 22 of his letters (Morris Letters, 6-36), ranging between 5 July 1739 and 22 September 1740. We know that he was with Richard Morris in London in 1735, and Richard (Llawysgrif Richard Morris o Gerddi, cix, cxi) praises him for his kindly nature.


Published date: 1959

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