MORRIS, JOHN EDWARD (1859 - 1933), schoolmaster and historian

Name: John Edward Morris
Date of birth: 1859
Date of death: 1933
Gender: Male
Occupation: schoolmaster and historian
Area of activity: Education; History and Culture
Author: Robert Thomas Jenkins

b. at Rugby. He graduated in 1882 from Magdalen College, Oxford (D.Litt. 1905), and was, till 1923, a master at Bedford Grammar School; he d. 8 November 1933. He was not a Welshman, but appears in this book in virtue of his chief work, The Welsh Wars of Edward I, extending to 1295, with an introduction on the previous struggles between the Welsh and the Normans. The book is concerned not only with the actual fighting but also with the recruiting, the financing, and the equipment of the armies; and it is based not only on chronicles but also on record-material. It is not altogether free from errors (see, e.g. E.H.R., xxxix and xlvi), but it is a most valuable book.


Published date: 1959

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