MORGAN, ROBERT (1621 - 1710), Baptist minister

Name: Robert Morgan
Date of birth: 1621
Date of death: 1710
Child: Hannah Melchior (née Morgan)
Child: David Morgan
Child: John Morgan
Child: Robert Morgan
Gender: Male
Occupation: Baptist minister
Area of activity: Religion
Author: Benjamin George Owens

of Llandeilo-tal-y-bont (Pontardulais); born 1621. He attended the so-called general meetings of the Welsh Baptist churches in 1653-4 as a representative of Carmarthen, and signed the proceedings, but it is not certain that he was minister there. The church at Carmarthen did not survive the persecution of the Restoration period, and he became co-pastor with Lewis Thomas (died 1704), The Moor, at Ilston, generally supervising the activities of the western branch, on both banks of the Loughor, and particularly in the Llangennech and Llannon area where he remained until his death. He took out three preaching licences in respect of houses there in 1672, and his name appears, with that of his son David of Llynllwchwr and others, in a presentment in the Great Sessions at Cardiff in 1684 of persons who had absented themselves from the parish churches of the hundreds of Swansea and Llangyfelach. He was a representative at the well-known Baptist Association in London in 1689. The date of his death is not known, but he was buried at Llandeilo-tal-y-bont on the 5 April 1710. He kept a school for a while at his home, and he is reputed to have been a poet. Six children were born to him, among them being David; John, who died at the very beginning of his ministry at Warwick, 12 May 1703, aged 24; Hannah, wife of Arthur Melchior, who is included with her husband and others in a letter of dismission from Swansea to Pennsylvania in 1710; and Robert (or Morgan) who is said to have been a schoolmaster at Horsley Down, London.


Published date: 1959

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