MEREDITH, Sir JOHN (1714 - 1780), lawyer, of Brecon,

Name: John Meredith
Date of birth: 1714
Date of death: 1780
Spouse: Johannah Meredith
Gender: Male
Occupation: lawyer
Place: Brecon
Area of activity: Law
Author: Robert Thomas Jenkins

was a native of Radnorshire. He was high sheriff of Brecknock in 1762 (the year of his knighthood, it would seem), and also of Radnorshire — in 1780, according to the printed copy of his memorial inscription (Jones, Hist. Brecknock, 3rd ed., ii, 91), but in 1767 according to the list of sheriffs in Jonathan Williams's Hist. Radnorshire, 2nd ed., 97. He died 6 March 1780; his wife Johannah died nine days before him. Meredith was Howel Harris's man of law; letters which passed between them are in the Trevecka collection at the N.L.W., ranging from number 2123 to number 2546.


Published date: 1959

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