MANUEL, DAVID (1624? - 1726), poet

Name: David Manuel
Date of birth: 1624?
Date of death: 1726
Spouse: Margaret Manuel
Child: Anne Manuel
Child: Mary Manuel
Child: David Manuel
Gender: Male
Occupation: poet
Area of activity: Poetry
Author: Griffith Milwyn Griffiths

Born 1624-5, according to some of the sources below. Little is known of his life. He was a native of the parish of Trefeglwys, Montgomeryshire. His wife, Margaret, died in 1699. There were three children: Mary, who became well known as a penillion -singer, Anne, and David. Some of the poet's work was published in Thomas Jones, Carolau a Dyriau Duwiol, 1696, David Jones, Blodau-Gerdd Cymry, 1759, P. Fadog, ii, 259, and Y Gwyliedydd, 1836, 250. For manuscript sources of poems, see Cat. of Add. to B.M. MSS. 1841-5, and J. H. Davies, Cat. of MSS. in N.L.W. See also N.L.W. MSS. 558, 566, 593, 653, 783, 832, 1244, 1580, 1710, 1797, 3487, 7191, 11991, Bodewryd MS. 73, and Swansea MS. 2 in N.L.W. He died in May 1726, and was buried 16 May 1726 at Trefeglwys.


Published date: 1959

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