MAELGWN ap RHYS (died 1295), rebel of 1294

Name: Maelgwn Ap Rhys
Date of death: 1295
Parent: Rhys Fychan
Gender: Male
Occupation: rebel of 1294
Area of activity: Anti Establishment; Military; Politics, Government and Political Movements
Author: Thomas Jones Pierce

a son of Rhys Fychan, last lord of Geneu'r Glyn in north Cardiganshire, and a descendant of Maelgwn ap Rhys ap Gruffydd. When in 1294 a general uprising against alien rule broke out in Wales, led by Madog ap Llywelyn in North Wales, and Morgan in Glamorgan, Maelgwn assumed the leadership of the insurgents in Cardiganshire. The campaign in west Wales comprised a hard, but unsuccessful, siege of Llanbadarn (Aberystwyth) and heavy raids into Carmarthen and Pembroke. Maelgwn was killed by the men of the earl of Gloucester while fighting near Carmarthen. His brothers, Rhys and Gruffydd, were held in the king's prison at Norwich as late as 1308.


Published date: 1959

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