LEWIS, WILLIAM (1835? - 1918), Cardiff printer and publisher

Name: William Lewis
Date of birth: 1835?
Date of death: 1918
Child: Sidney William Lewis
Gender: Male
Occupation: printer and publisher
Place: Cardiff
Area of activity: Printing and Publishing
Author: William Llewelyn Davies

Born at Tewkesbury. The printing business at Cardiff, founded by John Bird in 1791 and conducted in 1855 by Hugh Bird, was transferred by the latter in 1866 to his two assistants, William Lewis and John Williams, who worked in partnership until 1873 when William Lewis became sole proprietor. Lewis had, prior to coming to Cardiff, served as an assistant in a book and stationery establishment at Cheltenham. The business prospered greatly under William Lewis, the printing and publishing business becoming, in time, one of the largest in Wales; for full details see Ifano Jones, Hist. of Printing and Printers in Wales, and an article by the same author entitled ‘The House of Lewis, Cardiff,’ in The Pointer, No. 1, October 1922. William Lewis, who had retired from active participation in the business in 1913, died 4 February 1918 at Cardiff, and was succeeded in the business by his eldest son, Sidney William Lewis.


Published date: 1959

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