JONES, WILLIAM (1762 - 1846). Scotch-Baptist minister, editor, and author

Name: William Jones
Date of birth: 1762
Date of death: 1846
Spouse: Elizabeth Jones (née Crane)
Parent: Mary Jones
Parent: William Jones
Gender: Male
Occupation: Scotch-Baptist minister, editor, and author
Area of activity: Literature and Writing; Printing and Publishing; Religion
Author: John Idwal Jones

b. 17 June 1762, at Parkside, Gresford, son of William and Mary Jones; he spent his early youth at Poulton. He moved to Chester in 1780 and was baptized there by Archibald McLean. In 1793 he opened a bookshop at Liverpool, and was appointed elder of the new church formed there by McLean and J. R. Jones ‘of Ramoth’, around 1798-9. Finally, in 1812, he became minister of Windmill Street church, Finsbury, and remained there until his death on 21 January 1846. He married Elizabeth Crane, member of a Baptist family at Chester. His literary work was intended primarily to support the Scotch-Baptist cause. He founded The Theological Repository in 1800, The Christian Advocate in 1809, The Baptist Miscellany and Particular Baptist Magazine in 1827, and The Millennial Harbinger (the result of his correspondence with Alexander Campbell) in 1835. He was editor of The New Evangelical Magazine, 1815-24, and The New Baptist Magazine, 1825, and published a number of books including The History of the Waldenses, 1811; A Dictionary of Religious Opinions, 1815; The Biblical Cyclopaedia, 1816; Christian Biography, 1829; and Autobiography (ed. by his son), 1846.


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