JONES, WILLIAM (1755 - 1821), Evangelical cleric

Name: William Jones
Date of birth: 1755
Date of death: 1821
Parent: John Jones
Gender: Male
Occupation: Evangelical cleric
Area of activity: Religion
Author: Robert Thomas Jenkins

one of the friends of Thomas Charles; born 18 November 1755 at Abergavenny, son of John Jones, clockmaker. He went to Jesus College, Oxford, in 1773 or 1774, and remained there till 1777 (Charles was there in 1775, and Jones was then his ‘very intimate friend’); Jones, as his diaries begun at Oxford show, was a tolerably good scholar. Early in 1778, he became tutor in a Government servant's family in Jamaica, but he returned early in 1780, took his degree, and was ordained. From 1781 till 1801 he was curate at Broxbourne and Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, and in 1801 became vicar there, despite his fears that his ‘Methodism’ would impede the promotion. He corresponded with Charles, and letters of his will be found in D. E. Jenkins's Life of Charles. He died at Broxbourne 12 October 1821. Twelve years before he died, he had a coffin made for himself, in the meantime fitting it with bookshelves — but when the time came the coffin was found to be too small. From 1777 till the end of his life, he kept detailed diaries; a selection was published by O. F. Christie in 1929.


Published date: 1959

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